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  • Sweesies Marble Run Big Building Blocks

    Sold By: Kadelli

    About this item Multi-track Marble Track Design – Our classic big blocks cover a variety of tracks, ladders, and steep slope blocks that can speed up or slow down the ball, providing endless hours of fun for kids. Upgraded Version – Our 187pcs set is an upgraded version that makes the marble maze even more interesting. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble the sticky model, allowing kids to enjoy the fun of rolling on top of the marble. Best Educational Toy – Our marble run building blocks are not only a construction toy, but they can also stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination. They improve hand-eye coordination and spatial imagination, and promote problem-solving skills. High-quality Materials – Our STEM toy bricks set is made of high-quality ABS, non-toxic and tasteless, with smooth and rounded corners that will not easily scratch the skin. It provides children with a guarantee of safety while they build more interesting DIY models. Perfect Gift Choice – This perfect set of marble building block toys for construction lovers is the perfect gift for little girls and boys ages 3-8+. It’s especially ideal as a holiday gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift.

    Sold By: Kadelli

    Sweesies Marble Run Big Building Blocks

From USA

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