OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

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About this item PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Designed and Engineered by Cambridge SoundWorks in the USA, the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker with its unique triangular design, offers high-quality crystal-clear stereo sound for a truly immersive listening experience. This portable bluetooth speaker can be placed either flat or standing up, providing versatile placement options to suit your needs. EXPERIENCE MUSIC LIKE NEVER BEFORE – OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker delivers incredible sound without any distortion, even at maximum volume. Enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard, whether you’re in your living room, backyard, or office. The OontZ Angle 3 is the perfect wireless speaker for any space, providing unbeatable sound quality and volume that will impress even the most discerning audiophiles ULTIMATE WIRELESS AUDIO SOLUTION – With advanced antenna design and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this wireless speaker provides faster connection speeds and superior wireless range up to an incredible 100 ft compared to other speakers in its class. Connecting to the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker is fast and easy, ensuring you can enjoy your music from wherever you are in the room, without having to stay tethered to your device. CRYSTAL CLEAR RICH STEREO SOUND – Small, lightweight and portable, the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker is designed for the ultimate listening experience, whether indoors or outdoors. With IPX5 water resistance certification, and loud, crystal clear rich bass it makes for a cool gift for any occasion, birthday for anyone. This speaker is a must-have for its exceptional sound quality, portability, and rugged durability. UNIQUE AND POWERFUL SPEAKER – The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that provides up to 14 hours of playtime. It comes with a built-in AUX-IN jack, which allows you to connect to non-Bluetooth devices with a 3.5mm Line-In cable (cable not included), and the built-in microphone acts as a personal hands-free speakerphone, so you can take calls from any mobile phone without having to disconnect from the speaker.

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OontZ Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers<img alt=”OontZ Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/S/aplus-media-library-service-media/4918d193-d1de-409f-8156-7e1bce6a30c3.__CR0,0,1464,625_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”/>

Jazz up your Holidays w/ OontZ

Cambridge Soundworks has been a trusted manufacturer of well-priced, high-quality performance portable bluetooth speakers since 1988.


Product information

Product Dimensions 5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches Item Weight 9.4 ounces ASIN B010OYASRG Item model number OontZ Angle 3 Black Grille Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. Customer Reviews 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars

191,573 ratings

4.5 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #171 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)

#12 in Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available July 1, 2015 Manufacturer Cambridge SoundWorks Country of Origin China Speakers Maximum Output Power 12 Watts Item Weight 9.4 Ounces Battery Capacity 2200 Milliamp Hours Charging Time 14 Hours Number Of Items 1

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Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here. [PDF ]



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OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker, up to 100 ft Wireless Range, Portable Speaker for iPhone, Android Phones, Louder Volume, Crystal Clear Sound, Rich Bass, IPX5 (Black)

About this item PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Designed and Engineered by Cambridge SoundWorks in the USA, the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker with its unique triangular design, offers high-quality crystal-clear stereo sound for a truly immersive listening experience. This portable bluetooth speaker can be placed either flat or standing up, providing versatile placement options to suit your needs. EXPERIENCE MUSIC LIKE NEVER BEFORE – OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker delivers incredible sound without any distortion, even at maximum volume. Enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard, whether you’re in your living room, backyard, or office. The OontZ Angle 3 is the perfect wireless speaker for any space, providing unbeatable sound quality and volume that will impress even the most discerning audiophiles ULTIMATE WIRELESS AUDIO SOLUTION – With advanced antenna design and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this wireless speaker provides faster connection speeds and superior wireless range up to an incredible 100 ft compared to other speakers in its class. Connecting to the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker is fast and easy, ensuring you can enjoy your music from wherever you are in the room, without having to stay tethered to your device. CRYSTAL CLEAR RICH STEREO SOUND – Small, lightweight and portable, the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker is designed for the ultimate listening experience, whether indoors or outdoors. With IPX5 water resistance certification, and loud, crystal clear rich bass it makes for a cool gift for any occasion, birthday for anyone. This speaker is a must-have for its exceptional sound quality, portability, and rugged durability. UNIQUE AND POWERFUL SPEAKER – The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that provides up to 14 hours of playtime. It comes with a built-in AUX-IN jack, which allows you to connect to non-Bluetooth devices with a 3.5mm Line-In cable (cable not included), and the built-in microphone acts as a personal hands-free speakerphone, so you can take calls from any mobile phone without having to disconnect from the speaker.











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Black, Black-Clip, Black-Cylinder, Black-Waterproof, Blue, Golf-Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Red-Coke, White

Product Dimensions

5.3 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches

Item Weight

9.4 Ounces



Item model number

OontZ Angle 3 Black Grille


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

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Best Sellers Rank

#171 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #12 in Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 1, 2015


Cambridge SoundWorks

Country of Origin


Speakers Maximum Output Power

12 Watts

Battery Capacity

2200 Milliamp Hours

Charging Time

14 Hours

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60 Reviews For This Product

  1. 59

    by Jim W

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Three speakers, three different approaches

    I bought three Bluetooth speakers hoping ONE would be usable. All three ended up being keepers for different reasons. I bought the Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3, the Anker Classic Portable, and the Boombotix REX.Portability: All three are fantastic, no real difference. If you want to nitpick, the Boombotix is the smallest, the Anker is next, and the Cambridge is the largest. But again, none of them are really different. I give an edge to the Boombotix for it’s clip, it’s more flexible. The clip is super hard to get open though. You aren’t clipping it to anything thick.Construction and Ergonomics: All three seem durable and well built. The Anker is clearly the best of the three. It’s classy, attractive, and feels substantial. And it doesn’t walk itself around too much with vibration. But the On/Off switch is terrible. It’s tiny and hard to use, you have to use your fingernail. The other buttons are functional, but not as easy to use as the other two. The Boombotix is sturdy and easy to use, the buttons are a little close together, but they work well. It’s walks around a little on a hard table, but not terribly. You will have to watch it though, or it will eventually fall off a table. The Cambridge Angle 3 is sturdy and I love the shape. It works really well being able to either lay it down or stand it up. The function buttons are easy to use. The On/Off button is not great, it’s too small and in an obscure location. So much so that they have to put a little sticker pointing to it. The rubber end caps are a mixed blessing. I think they will help protect it, but they get really dirty really fast. They pick up every tiny little bit of dust. I recommend standing it up if you put a lot of volume through it because once the bass starts to thump it will bounce and wiggle it’s way all over the place. It’s actually kinda funny looking. But standing up the passive radiator on the bottom doesn’t propel it all over.Sound: I was actually impressed with all three. None of them are on par with the large Sound Dock or Klipsch type speakers, but they could hardly be expected to compete with those at this size and price.The Cambridge is my favorite because it has more bass than the other two. It’s a clear winner in bass response. probably about 10-15% more. And that’s important to me. The Anker actually has the best overall sound. It’s rich and clean. It’s probably the “best” speaker of all three. And the Boombotix is clearly the loudest. It really puts out some sound. none of them sound bad at all. I would have been happy with any of the three if I hadn’t heard the others. But hearing them side by side the Angle 3 fits what I need best.Connectivity: None were bad, but the Boombotix lost connection first, the Angle 3 and the Anker had no trouble at all at 30ft even through walls (but none liked going through a stone fireplace LOL). None were an issue connecting. They were all easy as pie to pair. The Anker was slowest when powering on and trying to find my phone, but we’re talking about less than 10 seconds total time for the slowest.Intangibles: The Boombotix has some features that are really appealing. There’s an audio out jack, which you can use to run a second speaker (of any make). So that give you options. Send Bluetooth to the speaker and then it will send it to a second speaker. If you don’t have a Bluetooth connection on one of your larger speakers you can send signal to the REX and it will connect to your larger speaker. Options are nice.I chose the Angle 3, it fits my needs best with the best imitation of bass, but the others are good enough that I’ve decided to keep them and use them too. The Anker is nicest, and the Boombotix is loudest and most versatile. I can’t really speak to longevity since I haven’t had them very long, but I don’t think any of them will die on me. Don’t be afraid to buy any of these. Just pick the one that fits best.

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  2. 59

    by ChurchOfJesusChrist.Net

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Golden Age of Aux Speakers?

    I’m giving this 5 stars not because it’s perfect, but in comparison to comparable products and prices. This review is for people looking to carry a speaker around. It is not ideal as a sound bar or semi-permanent desktop audio system because larger, more expensive, less-portable products will do better there.Sorry to gush a little, but this will probably be helpful for people doing in-depth research like I did. The downside of this review is it’s my first BlueTooth speaker. But I’ve been searching for the perfect self-powered auxiliary speaker for decades. I still have the old Radio Shack RCA 4x C powered speakers some will remember from the ’80s. Those were surprisingly good: an MP3 speaker before MP3s existed, but the Achilles heel was the 4 C cells (and the high self-draining auto-off w/no hard switch), or I’d probably still be using them. The size of those RCA’s was also comparable to a lot of brick-shaped modern Bluetooth speakers, which I think is too big for ultraportable use. I think the Angle3 is the best compromise out there right now for people who want to carry the speaker with them from room to room, but something quality enough for marathon listening of shows and books.PROS- DEDICATED VOLUME BUTTONS(most BT speakers have annoying dual-use buttons where you have to press-and-hold the button to get to the volume–or no volume control at all. Having really quick volume control and still have pause/mute is really handy. You lose bluetooth track skip, but it’ so worth it to me. Good choice design choice IMO, CSW!)- SHAPE(is there any other triangular shape out there? yet it really makes sense. rectangles/cubes/muffin shapes either project the sound straight up, or straight out. triangle design also stable and tip-resistant.)- 18650 BATTERY INSIDE(known capacity and output, more chance of good quality, easier to service, I like the way the designers were thinking. I haven’t seen the innards of an Angle3 but a reviewer of the Angle2 Plus posted internals)- OTHER SMART DESIGN TRAITS(real screws, mostly logical hardware layout, and did I say 18650 battery which makes the 10 watts possible & believable; most units 3-7 watts. thank you Cambridge SoundWorks, for not gluing those rubber bumpers on. nice)- PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON WORKS AS MUTE BUTTON IN AUX MODE(useful when listening to live or streaming broadcasts where you can’t fast-forward over commercials)CONS & NEUTRAL- Power button is too close to the connectors, and awkward to turn on. Hard to find with your fingers (or even eyes). Cambridge seems to be aware of this, so they put a decal of “POWER” with an arrow pointing to the button, tacitly admitting it’s hard to find. You don’t really have to worry about turning it off, so turning it on is not that big of a deal. Just more difficult if you have an aux cable attached. I think this is to make the soft switch hard to accidentally turn the unit on, and in that they succeeded. The original Angle had a real hard/mechanical power switch which is nice, but I am also enjoying the convenient 10-min(?) auto-off (and it’s nice that it doesn’t make a noise when it turns off, if you’re asleep). I wish I knew the soft-off power consumption. Considering the 18650 cannot be swapped from a battery hatch (I REALLY wish it were), I don’t want it to be dead when I go to grab it. An 18650 battery compartment would make soft-off power draw partly moot as I could remove the battery for storage.- So not a con, but a Wish List for future version: I’d really love to see Cambridge migrate to an 18650 which is replaceable like a normal AA battery, so I could choose my own batteries, charge them externally, and replace them when they drain down. As a flashlight guy, I have a ton of quality 18650s lying around.. modern electronics are screaming out to have 18650 cells be the next AA. (Cambridge, make sure your battery compartment can fit protected cells, if you do this! Take a look at some of the cheap MiFine 18650-powered radios sold here. This needs to be a trend.)- After using it, I see that the triangular design and all-black color scheme makes it hard to figure out the orientation at a glance: which side fires the speakers? Which side has the controls? In Bluetooth mode, you can actually have it perfectly facing towards you, yet it’s still upside-down. That’s not a problem till you go to push a button. Which side is it on? Or your finger’s on the correct side, the buttons may not where your finger expects them. This makes a good case for one of the colored versions, but I devices like this to not catch the eye. I may use some fingernail paint or something to mark the top of the triangle, perhaps just on one side to also note which side has the buttons.- Nitpicking, but kind of a dirt magnet. If these are my biggest issues with it, I’m ecstatic. The rubber side covers could probably be removed and washed if desired.A NOTE ON SOUNDMost readers just want to know about “the sound”, but there’s much more to a bluetooth speaker, so I’ve chosen to focus more on those other things. I’ll get “the sound” part out of he way now. What I write may not be applicable for most, because I’m an audiophile, and most stuff sounds like crap to me, compared to the glowing reviews I read. I’m disappointed by a lot of speaker systems which most people go wild about. Then again, the setups I’ve settled with would be extreme for most people. I really think most Americans have substantial hearing damage. I know expectations and understanding limitations is important. In that light: the Angle3 (to me) did not quite live up to the reviewers’ claims for music, but it did live up to hopes in VOLUME, and for most hearing-damaged people, quality=quantity. I haven’t tested its upper limit with music, but with speech, yeah it can go louder than I need or even want. Cranking it outside, yeah you could get your neighbors’ attention. Quality-wise, it sound quite excellent for speech and occasional bumper music, which is mostly what I’ll use it for. But quality sound does not equal high volume, and if this is the best-sounding speaker system you have, I feel bad for you. But for many, this will be. The laws of physics put some limitations on a box this small, but considering that and Amazon’s price, it does a really admirable job. The passive bass radiator does actually do something, too. A comparison: to my memory, the sound is not quite as good as ‘portable’ Panasonic dual cassette-radio smaller boombox I used a lot in the 1990s, but that thing was much bigger comparatively. It also had dual 4-inch speakers, and was always AC-powered–not really portable, and if it was, took C cells, making it not really a fair comparison. So considering the limitations and cost of the Angle3, nearly matching that sound quality in something this size is exciting, because it’s SO DANG USEFUL. I’ve used it so much in the first week, it doesn’t look new anymore.CONSLUSIONThis little is I think the best compromise of size, shape, sound, and price. It’s big enough to give volume that won’t disappoint except for truly extreme needs (like the review by the UPS driver in a noisy truck going at highway speeds) or disproportionate expectations, but it’s small enough to take with you from room to room as it plays. I sit it on my chest in bed, or beside me; it’s great. Without having an opportunity to hear other current/popular BT speakers (and online video reviews with sound only get you so far), I still think I made the right decision. I’m loving the Angle3, and using it a lot. There are a ton of good choices at prices more affordable than ever, so making up my mind was a painful, lengthy decision, as if I’m going to buy several, I might as well buy one that’s several times the cost of this–so I wanted to only buy one, but make it a good choice. I would say the loudness is more impressive than the sound quality. And I didn’t buy it to blast anything, but the sound quality is quite nice in this size, and I’m sure there’s nothing in this SIZE and price range which would impress me more. If I needed more of a desktop-type speaker, I’d definitely go with a bigger one, like the Denon brand–but I wanted SMALL (I actually was originally shopping for smaller), with good sound, and loudness when I need it occasionally. I’ve found the form factor very convenient. I’m not jonesing for an upgrade. But if Cambridge managed to reduce the size a bit yet again, while still increasing sound quality and not compromising on volume, AND introduced a battery compartment for removable 18650 batteries? Yeah, I’d bite.I cut out a lot of writing for this review, for the smartphone generation. I’m thinking about posting a fuller review elsewhere for people who’r really into doing research. If requested, I can share more details. If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you’re handy and adventurous, open one up and help the community with some pics of guts, if I don’t get to it first. Frankly, aux speakers sucked until Bluetooth speakers hit the market, but lithium batteries is more the reason behind it, though economies of scale was the other. All my life I’ve scrounged for a decent aux-input speaker with no good answers–and suddenly, online stores are overflowing with an amazing variety of high-quality, low-cost options. The hardest part was settling on one! I don’t get it! Even in the past 5 years, the quality and options have gone up immensely, and seems to keep going. The Golden Age of aux speakers?

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  3. 59

    by scjrscjr

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    [NEW] OontZ Angle3 :: Crystal Clear Sound, Nice Bass and Louder Volume! ::

    Let me preface this review by saying, I was provided a free sample for testing and review. I explained to the manufacturer that I would provide an honest review of this product. All experiences with this product and all opinions are solely my own.I purchased the prior generation of this speaker, the OontZ Angle Plus, so I’ll be able to compare them. The Plus has crystal clear sound and good bass. I really enjoyed the Plus, but where the Plus needed some improvement was with its volume and bass.The new OontZ Angle3 significantly increases the volume and bass, but more importantly it retains and improves upon the crisp and crystal clear sound of its predecessor, plus it adds an ingenious bass design. More on that later.What’s included in the package:1 – OontZ Angle3 Speaker1 – Micro USB Cable1 – 3.5mm Audio Cable1 – Quick Start GuideThe OontZ Angle3 is a great sounding Bluetooth speaker, in a small compact package. It weighs in at about 9 ounces. It is 5 1/4 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches high. It will basically fit in the palm of your hand. Please refer to the pictures I posted. It also retains the angular design of its predecessor, but now has a silicone rubber type finish on both ends of the speaker. It’s still void of any sharp edges. It’s a great looking speaker, with a unique design. I like this Angle3 design better than the Plus.It’s significantly louder than the Plus and has nice bass, for a unit that’s this small. If you enjoy music that has some bass, this unit should meet your needs and be truthful, the sound that comes out of this speaker is mind boggling to me and the size of this speaker belies that fact!The passive radiator, which produces the bass in the Angle3 and most Bluetooth speakers, is located on the bottom of the unit. If you place it bottom down, the bass effect is more pronounced. If you want a little less bass, you’ll stand it on end. When it’s bottom down, the bass has a nice little thump. I believe this was done by design and it’s an ingenious feature.Be careful where you place the speaker bottom down, because it does want to move when playing music with bass. The speaker has pads on the bottom, but they work better on very smooth and glass surfaces.You can hear that Cambridge Soundworks spent the majority of its time improving and refining the sound of the Angle3. That focus on improving acoustics shows up big time in this tiny, but crystal clear and loud speaker.There’s no distortion at max volume. The speaker has 10+ watts of peak power. It’s now loud enough to fill up your backyard party with clear, great sounding music. My wife heard me playing music upstairs and she was in the garage. It’s plenty loud!All my music testing was done using Spotify. Speaker was set to full volume and iOS volume was set two clicks from max, for most of my testing. I also tested both settings set to max.Bluetooth connectivity is super easy. It connects from one device to another effortlessly. I found you don’t have to press a button on the speaker to pair it with a different device. I like intuitive functions and this one fits the bill. It also has a speakerphone function. You can play and pause your tracks from the device as well.The OontZ Angle3 doesn’t have all the options others have. You don’t get NFC support, a micro SD card slot or the ability to skip tracks using the speaker controls. There are other Bluetooth speakers that have these options, but if you value how well your music sounds over a myriad of options, this beautiful sounding speaker is for you.The Angle3 has an IPX5 certification, which makes it splash proof and dust proof. Great for the shower and other wet environments. Don’t be afraid to shower with it or have it out in the rain. It can’t be submerged in water with this IPX rating.Battery life is about 7 hours, at 60% volume. It will be less at higher volumes. This is definitely less than the Plus unit, which does 12-15 hours of use. You have to take into account that the battery is driving much more sound and requires that extra battery power. I personally like the trade off and all that’s required is to charge the unit a bit more frequently. A battery status symbol shows up in my iOS devices.If you’re like me and aren’t interested in the all the above mentioned options, that you may never use and just want a beautiful sounding speaker that’s main focus is perfecting and delivering crystal clear sound, than this speaker is an excellent option to consider.To me, the OontZ Angle3 has no real negatives to mention. You could quibble about having more features, but I really don’t consider that a negative. I’d rather have a great sounding speaker, over more features. In my opinion, this is a great Bluetooth speaker for the price.The OontZ Angle3 is a very solid speaker, that now has outstanding volume and good bass. It retains and actually improves upon the crisp highs and strong mids of its predecessor. I like that Cambridge Soundworks is actually focusing on sound quality and not loading up on tons of features.I can highly recommend the OontZ Angle3.Thank you for reading my review.

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  4. 59

    by Fadi Shamaan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Ultimate Portable Powerhouse for Your Next Adventure

    Oh boy, do I have a story for you! It all started when I was looking for the perfect Bluetooth speaker to take with me on my next camping trip. I wanted something that was portable, durable, and most importantly, had great sound quality. After scouring the internet for hours, I finally stumbled upon the OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker, and boy am I glad I did.Let me start off by saying that this speaker is an absolute powerhouse. With its powerful 10-watt output, I was able to blast my music at full volume and still have it sound crystal clear. And speaking of volume, this thing can get LOUD! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to hear it over the sound of the campfire and the crickets, but boy was I wrong. I actually had to turn it down a few notches because it was so loud!But what really impressed me about this speaker was its wireless range. The box claims it can reach up to 100 feet, and I was skeptical at first, but I decided to put it to the test. I walked a full 100 feet away from the speaker, and not only could I still hear my music perfectly, but I was even able to control the volume and skip tracks from my phone. I mean, come on, how cool is that?!Now, let’s talk about the battery life. I was a little worried that the battery wouldn’t last through a full weekend of camping, but again, I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to use it all day on Saturday, and even after leaving it on overnight, it still had enough juice to last through most of Sunday. And when it finally did die, it only took a couple of hours to fully recharge.But the real kicker? This thing is water-resistant! I accidentally spilled a whole cup of water on it, and I thought for sure it was a goner. But to my surprise, it kept on playing like nothing had happened. I wouldn’t recommend taking it for a swim, but it’s definitely a nice peace of mind to know that it can handle a little splash here and there.The first time I used the OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker was at a backyard barbecue, and everyone was blown away by its sound quality. We played everything from classic rock to pop, and the speaker handled it all with ease. It even has a built-in microphone, which was perfect for taking hands-free calls without having to disconnect the speaker.Another thing that impressed me was how easy it was to connect to my phone. All I had to do was turn on my phone’s Bluetooth, and the speaker immediately popped up as an option. It connected seamlessly every time, and I never experienced any lag or dropped connections.One thing to note is that this speaker is on the larger side for a portable speaker, but I didn’t mind that at all. It’s still small enough to easily pack in a backpack or duffel bag, and the added size means better sound quality and battery life.And last but not least, I have to give a shoutout to the OontZ customer service team. I had a question about the speaker, and I reached out to their customer service team via email. They responded within 24 hours and were incredibly helpful and friendly. It’s rare to find a company that genuinely cares about its customers, but OontZ definitely impressed me in that regard.Overall, I would give the OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker a solid 5 out of 5 stars. It exceeded my expectations in every way, and I can’t wait to take it on many more adventures in the future. If you’re in the market for a portable Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch, look no further!Let’s compare the OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker with the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker, which is a competitive brand. Here’s a breakdown of their features:1. Sound Quality:• OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker has two precision acoustic drivers that deliver excellent sound quality with deep bass and clear highs.• JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker has a powerful driver that delivers a strong bass response and crisp high notes.2. Battery Life:• OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker has a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 14 hours of playtime.• JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker has a larger 4800mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of playtime.3. Waterproof and Durability:• OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is IPX5 rated, which means it is splashproof, rainproof, and dustproof.• JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker is IPX7 rated, which means it is waterproof and can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.4. Connectivity:• OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0, which provides a strong and stable connection up to 100 feet away from the device.• JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker also uses Bluetooth 5.0 and supports PartyBoost, which allows you to connect multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for a louder sound experience.5. Size and Weight:• OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker measures 5.25 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches and weighs 9 ounces.• JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker measures 7.1 x 2.7 x 2.9 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds.Overall, both speakers have their pros and cons, and it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. The OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is more affordable and has a longer battery life, while the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker is more durable and waterproof with a higher quality sound.

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  5. 59

    by Steve2121

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock…In smaller spaces

    Like any product, this speaker has both good and less than good points. Having just received it, I am limited to immediate experience, although thus far more good than bad:Oontz Angle 3 Speaker (Geez, what a name!) appears well constructed, with good, solid feeling to it; although it isn’t at all heavy. It doesn’t have any apparition nor feeling of being loosely constructed, with good and tight fitting rubber seals and grommet for power/hard cable connection port. It was a bit difficult to get grommet open for charge the first time, but using some blunt tool removes it easy enough…Make sure you don’t use anything like a sharp knife or like edged tool, because the rubber grommet could be accidentally cut easily enough when trying to lift it out initially. That’s not a point for complaint, because speaker is supposed to be water proof enough to take in the shower, although user pamphlet expressively warns against full submersion. I as well like the fact the pamphlet is well written, easy to understand in explaining functions and set up, and I am thrilled by the fact it is completely in English; as opposed to multi language documents that are written in several languages at microdot font. It’s definitely a high point for me to see the instructions are completely in English, but higher still, designed and engineered in America! It is manufactured in China however (What isn’t these days?), and I would have preferred American manufacturing and paid more for it if it was.Bluetooth pairing with my iPhone 7 Plus was simple and easy, and activated the pairing mode was very easy, requiring only the user depress and hold the Bluetooth button, which is lit when in use, for a few seconds until it reacts by fast flash. After that, it’s just a matter of selecting it in iPhone settings menu, and it will continue to “look” for the speaker after powering on and off, or turning it on for other sessions. Although it hasn’t yet been a problem for me with Oontz speaker, it is sometimes important to reselect chosen device in iPhone if you want another device selection (such as Plantronics headset or other device); although that’s iPhone’s issue and not Oontz Angle 3 Speaker’s.So how does it sound? (Thought you’d never ask!): It’s a fairly good, responsive speaker with good resonating effects, deep base response, and good mid and high end response. Bear in mind this is a small, portable speaker running off an internal battery, so if you’re wanting several hundred watts to rival Bose speakers, this ain’t it! But it’s no slouch of a portable speaker either, and it would be absolutely perfect for bedside, hotel, bathroom-shower morning music and like use. It would be perfect for kids’ rooms, although no kid is truly happy unless he can annoy parents with high volume, preferably including the neighbors while at it, and this little speaker just isn’t made for window-shattering output.It gets a little tricky if your playlists are “eclectic from hell” like mine are! Neal Young and Rolling Stones comes out great using iPhone’s “Small Speakers” EQ setting, Temptations does better using “R&B” or “Pop,” and I have yet to isolate best for Grateful Dead…But “Rock” comes near (but not quite there) the mark. Junior Walker imposes a problem I have yet to solve…And who can live without? All in, you’ll likely find a good setting for one album or genre of music, but you would do well to expect to use more than one if you really like your music like I do. Still, that no buzz killer by me. I like it just as much! Again, if you want to share your music with residents two flights up or around the block, this won’t be your answer, but I have a 700 watt Yamaha receiver to accomplish that need anyway.Oontz Angle 3 speaker comes partially charged enough to pair and try right out of the box, although I soon connected it to supplied cable and to a USB charger I already had. Instructions say it can take “5-6 hours to fully charge a low battery,” but how “low” it is on delivery is anyone’s guess. Good news is you can listen while charging it, and it’s recommended to fully charge initially. I note user pamphlet states higher volume level will affect play time, but it says you’ll get “up to 12 hours at 2/3 volume.”Hands Free function for telephone user however, does present a weak point. Sound of incoming party is reasonably good and nothing to complain about, but the microphone on the Oontz Angle 3 does indeed leave much to be desired! I tried it in a reasonably quiet surrounding without background noise, a little less than two feet away in normal voice that I would use with other hands free telephone devices, using my own voicemail message to gauge sound quality. The result was very tinny, with a very distant reception that gives perception of being very far from the microphone when you’re not. Since I don’t expect to ever much rely on that function anyway, at most to grab a very important call while in the shower or like setting, that’s no deal breaker to me. If you expect to make a lot of hands free telephone use however, you should be aware of that and immediately test it to see if it’s something you can rely on. The upside is it automatically went into telephone mode and enabled the microphone without having to switch, and it immediately returned to playing music once call was terminated. Since cell phone issues can be sourced to any number of reasons (connection, device location, etc,), it isn’t always evident for where the problem cause is…So test that soon, once you get it!All in, end of the day, and bottom line: This is a great deal! I believe I am getting more than what I would expect for $25 Bluetooth-connected, small portable speaker, and it sounds really good in the entire room, and isn’t limited to being sweet-spot in front of it. The base comes most from the bottom of speaker and has easily discernible mid and high range outputs, which is hard to find on small speakers at all, let alone portable AND Bluetooth. It will easily be benefited in smaller space with tiled walls like most bathrooms tend to be, and neither it nor the manufacturers fear a hot shower, provided you don’t ask it to scrub your back. It would work very well in a kitchen, bedside or hotel room without causing the front desk to ask you for an much earlier check out…Like now or sooner. It has it’s limitations like anything else, but for reasonable volumes and user expectations, it’s still a score! There’s only one thing I would want that wasn’t part of the buying experience: Free shipping from Amazon (Hint, hint!!). I would buy another and I do recommend it! Thumbs up, stars, and a few backflips…And nobody is giving me anything for this review.

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  6. 59

    by Amazonlover

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker – A Revelation in Portable Audio Experience

    From the moment I unboxed the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker, it was an unspoken understanding that my auditory experience would never be the same. A journey that began with a sprinkle of skepticism has metamorphosed into an unrivaled relationship between man and machine. This isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker; it’s a harmonious blend of top-notch sound engineering, aesthetic beauty, and unparalleled functionality, ensuring every listening moment is a treat for the senses.While it’s a temptation to be swayed by the plethora of high points, the aim of this review is to offer a balanced perspective. I will delve deep into the many admirable qualities but also pinpoint areas that have room for improvement.🔊 Phenomenal Sound Quality and Clarity: The first time I connected my smartphone to the OontZ Angle 3 and played some tunes, I couldn’t help but marvel at the depth of the sound. With 10 watts of audio power, the speaker projects crystal clear sound even at high volumes without any distortion. Whether I’m streaming classical music, hip-hop, or an intriguing podcast, the audio fidelity remains consistently impressive. The bass, often the Achilles heel for many portable speakers, is surprisingly robust, enriching my playlist with full, resonant low notes that never overpower the melody.🌦 Robust Durability with IPX5 Rating: What caught my eye was the IPX5 water-resistant rating. I tested it out on a family beach day, and let’s just say this little beast can take a splash and still belt out your favorite tunes like nothing happened. This feature makes it a perfect companion for outdoor adventures, bringing a newfound resilience to the world of portable speakers.📱 Swift and Stable Connectivity: Compatibility and connectivity are the unsung heroes of any wireless device. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures the OontZ Angle 3 pairs smoothly with all kinds of devices—be it Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. What’s more, it maintains this connection tenaciously, making annoying dropouts a thing of the past.🎨 Aesthetic and Functional Design: Beyond its robust engineering, the OontZ Angle 3 is a visual delight. Its sleek black body, complemented by discreet control buttons, is as functional as it is stylish. The design is intuitive, with the rubberized exterior not only providing an elegant aesthetic but also a comfortable grip, ensuring it won’t easily tumble over if you’re partying a little too hard.🔋 Exceptional Battery Life: With its long-lasting battery, the OontZ Angle 3 pushes the boundaries of what portable speakers can achieve. I managed to get close to a full day of usage at moderate volume levels on a single charge. The freedom this affords you, especially when you’re outdoors or away from a power source, is genuinely liberating.However, to give a balanced view, it’s only fair to bring up an area for potential enhancement:🔘 Button Responsiveness: Though generally user-friendly, the tactile feedback on the control buttons could be improved. At times, they require a firm press to register, making me wonder if I’ve successfully adjusted the volume or skipped a track.To encapsulate, the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker earns its 5-star rating without a sliver of doubt. Its minor quirks are inconsequential when stacked against its myriad of features and exceptional performance. With its mesmerizing audio quality, rugged durability, seamless connectivity, stylish design, and robust battery life, it stands head and shoulders above the competition.So if you’re looking for a reliable, feature-packed, and exceptional-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker, your search ends here. I wholeheartedly endorse the OontZ Angle 3. It promises an auditory journey that’s rewarding, expansive, and full of surprises. And that, in essence, is the purest form of what music or any auditory experience should be—an enriching journey that tantalizes the senses, one note at a time.I hope this comprehensive review has been enlightening and helps you make an informed decision. Here’s to elevating our lives with the power of sound, one beat, one note, and one song at a time. Thank you for taking the time to read, and may your life be a melody of beautiful experiences!

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  7. 59

    by PhotoGraphicsPhotoGraphics

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Some realistic observations

    Back about 2005-2010 when mini Bluetooth speakers used to be the new toy everyone wanted (and you paid the price to be an early adopter) I was really into the fad and couldn’t stop looking for the perfect one. As a result I ended up with more of them than most dealers, speakers of every possible shape and gimmick. Some of them were knock your socks off impressive, including some so small I could stuff them in my carry on when I traveled so I could have music in my hotel rooms.These days there are a handful left from the major brands. One of them I was curious about was this series from Cambridge SoundWorks, a company I’ve known and respected since I worked directly with their founder Henry Kloss back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Unlike the early days of Bluetooth mini speakers this little speaker was only nineteen bucks, probably the lowest I’ve ever paid for any speaker. I had mixed expectations. But I chose it both for its size and its shape, I was looking for a small personal speaker to put on the base of my desktop monitor to be able to listen to content at low volume without using my high-end Boston Acoustics system.The small size is truly impressive as is the surprisingly nice look and feel of the speaker. It is heavier than similar no name speakers and you almost have to wonder how they can sell it for such a low price. It comes with a micro USB charging cable and also a mini audio cable. The power switch is easily reached near the top of the back of the speaker where the audio input and charging port are also located behind a rubber flap. The rest of the controls are on the right side of the wedge.The speaker will pair easily with newer Bluetooth devices but it seems it is not 100% compatible with all of the many standards. For example it would not pair with my desktop computer without downloading an updated Bluetooth driver.The most important thing you probably want to know is how does it sound. I’m sorry to say that with almost 20,000 review written already, many of them high energy endorsements, I’m not as impressed. I have definitely heard better from similar sized, and even smaller, speakers. It’s not bad, but it’s not knock your socks off impressive. And it’s definitely not a speaker that you would choose if there were more than one or two listeners or for use outdoors.There are a couple of things to be aware of that I liked – one is that if you use the audio cable the speaker won’t shut off automatically after a few minutes like many other brands do, but it will shut off after 15 minutes of non-playing when used in the Bluetooth mode. Interestingly, if you pair it with an Echo device the power stays on all the time in battery mode so you would probably want to keep it plugged in to a power source if that’s your plan.I also like that you only hear the pairing sound once the first time unlike many other brands that make a loud sound whenever they are powered on or when pairing is successful. For me that is a deal breaker.

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  8. 59

    by BigConsumer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It was missing for three years…

    I like the shape, it’s stable, and has a good sound projection angle, as opposed to the Bose Soundlink Micro that I just received, as a gift. The Micro is shaped like a puck, so, unless you find something to lean it against, it just projects the sound straight up. The Bose also sounds “muddier”, music is much less defined.Also, our OontZ went missing for three years. It happened when we were doing some tree trimming in the woods around our house, and I assumed that my wife or nephew set it down somewhere in the forest and forgot about it. However, I needed to do some maintenance on my UTV this week, which required removing the seats, and lo and behold, the OontZ had been under the seat for over three years. The UTV was out in the elements that whole time. We live at 8500 ft., so it gets pretty cold up here. I did not expect the OontZ to even charge up, much less work, but I charged it for about 7 hours, and have been playing music through it for 10 hours so far, and it still hasn’t died. Pretty impressive! Great little speaker.

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  9. 59

    by Modinat Dosunmu

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Second Best of the Top 4 speakers on Amazon

    So I purchased the Top 4 speaker results on Amazon, this is the listing from Best to Worst:Soundbox Pro, OontZ Angle 3, MusiBaby-M68,Anker SoundcoreHere’s the reasoning behind why:$39 Soundbox Pro – 8.5/10Had the best balance between bass and vocal clarity, and you could enhance the bass as well. Loudest volume, decent LEDs, battery life is pretty good, 3-6 hours based on volume. Solid purchase.$24 OontZ Angle 3 – 8/10This might be the biggest bang for your buck. Had the best vocal clarity of the 4, at the expense of bass, but the volume can go quite high, which could technically increase the bass. Battery hasn’t died 4 days since I purchased and consistently used, turning on the device is quick and doesn’t make weird noises like the rest. All for $24, definitely a steal atm.“$23” MusiBaby-M68- 6/10Product was $28 but was doing a $5 off promo. Has the most bass of the 4 and the voice is surprisingly clear, but the volume doesn’t go very high, about 50-60% of the previous two$24 Anker Soundcore – 5/10Out of all the speakers, it’s the most muffled, least bass, least voice clarity. Nothing particularly wrong with it, just better alternatives, as the result is extremely mediocre

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  10. 59

    by Brian Cooper

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It still works!!!

    So I bought this speaker a few years back. Generally used it for sound effects when doing some training at work. But, would occasionally use it around the house for music and such.Then, about 5 months ago, I had it hanging on a fence outside at my neighbors place. Used it to listen to music as we put up their new storage shed. And wouldn’t ya know it, I forgot it there. So basically for the last 5 months it’s been subjected to blazing sun rays, blistering 100+ degree temps, rain, hail, and most recently a few nights of freezing temps.I just found it today while walking the fence line. I said “no way”. Was obviously dirty. Brought it inside and turned it on, AND IT POWERED UP. Then, yup, connected it to my phone, AND IT WORKED!!! Still played good clear and loud as if it was never left outside.So obviously, I had to come on here and leave a review. Definitely a good buy.

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  11. 59

    by Paul Mais

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost Perfect

    So badly wanted to give this a Five-star, but just can’t do it. This speaker is the perfect triangular shape, and is steady when placed. Connectivity and reconnection is seamlessalthough I’ve had to re-pair multiple times. The sound is crystal clear with enough bass, and is quite loud enough to fill a backyard BBQ or house party. The battery will last up to 6 to 10 hours. I also like the feel and the button placements. Calls are received fine, and pausing/restarting music is excellent.But: it randomly shuts off every few hours-to save battery perhaps, but it can be an bother, but not a deal-breaker.The most annoying feature is when the battery level gets to 50%, the decibel level drops SIGNIFICANTLY and can’t be adjusted back up. It stays low even while being charged. When it finally hits 50 to 55%, the volume jumps back up like a concert and can be way too loud. I got this specifically for my work truck, and was perfect at first, but this feature renders it useless to me unless I’m vigilant on charging it. So almost a Five-star, but not quite.

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  12. 59

    by Caasi

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A GREAT (and CHEAP) replacement or alternative to a home stereo system! Way more bang for your buck!

    Wow! This thing packs one hell of a punch!I received a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas a couple months ago. Loved it. It’s nothing like a stereo, but it’s a nice little portable device to have in the kitchen while cooking or to have some background music while we’re all sitting at the dinner table. The sound was good, the volume got fairly loud. For a $25 gift exchange item, I was happy I ended up with it and up until that point, I never thought I had any need for a Bluetooth speakerWork is highly against using streaming music sites and has blocked most of them, and there’s no radio. And I’ve been the only employee in my office for the last 4 months. It’s lonely. No one to talk to. And quiet. Oh woe is me.Once and a while, I would bring in the Bluetooth speaker I’d gotten for Christmas, but I hated having to lug it back and forth so I could use it at home while I cooked or during dinner. It was time to get another.(It’s amazing how something you never knew you needed turns into the need of having more than one after you finally realize what you’re missing)So, the hunt began a few weeks ago for a decent Bluetooth speaker. I didn’t want to get another one like the one I had because I wanted to try out a different brand or model to compare.***What was I looking for?***Sound. That was it. I wanted something that could get loud (to replace my need for my stereo in most cases), something that could handle deep bass, and something that wouldn’t get distorted, static-y, or muddy no matter the volume or amount of bass. It didn’t have to be big, small, a certain color, a certain shape, didn’t have to take my calls, or be waterproof. Just needed to have a great sound. But I wanted something under $50, too.***What made me choose the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker?***I went hunting the internet for “Best Bluetooth Speakers” for 2015 and 2016 and “Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers” of 2015/2016. This one came up on several lists. I *almost* chose one other one, which was about $20 more (though I also had a $10 off coupon), but it was a newer product and I didn’t feel it had been around long enough to conclude whether it was a good long-lasting product or not. So I decided to take my chances with this one.***What did I receive?***Upon opening the box from Amazon, the Bluetooth speaker came in its own separate product box. Inside that box was the Bluetooth speaker, inside of a plastic sheathe. Also inside the box was a USB charging cable.***How did I feel about it after I tried it out?***Very impressed. The sound was clear; no rattling, static, or muddiness. The volume was very loud. I had company over, and it was a little difficult talking over the speaker.***How did it compare to the other Bluetooth speaker I’d gotten for Christmas?***Mind blowing. I thought I had a good, loud, clear, superior product that I’d gotten for Christmas. But I switched back and forth between both for about 15 minutes and was just amazed. The OontZ was about an inch shorter but put out a more powerful sound. The Oontz is rectangular vs the round one I had and the quality of sound was much more crisp and the bass was much deeper. Both Bluetooth speakers, at full volume, could be felt in the floor- the bass, that is. I had them sitting on my kitchen table, as I sat in a kitchen chair, and I could feel the bass in the floor with both, but it was much more noticeable with the OontZ. The OontZ can be used standing up or lying on its side, the other one I had could only be used standing up, since it was round. The other difference, and the biggest for me, is that the other Bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas is only selling for 9 cents less here on Amazon than this one is. Essentially, they’re the same price… but this one is way more bang for your buck!***What was the best part?***The entertainment it provided my children! When the OontZ was turned up to max volume and lying on its side, it seems to dance across the table. No, really… lol The vibration of the heavy bass WILL actually move the speaker around the table even though there are skid pads on the bottom. My 4 and 9 year olds thought this was HILARIOUS and insisted on showing their friends the dancing speaker when they came over! Needless to say, it’s best to keep it standing up instead of lying on its side if you’re going to have the volume maxed out with a heavy bass!***What’s the worst part?***The ends/top & bottom and skid pads collect ANY dust, dirt, fibers, hair, you name it… anything it can find that’s in the air or on your table you didn’t know was there. Aesthetically, that really sucks.WARNING: The title description says it’s “Waterproof.” However, in the product description, it states that it is “water resistant.” I just wanted to point out that inconsistency.Overall, this thing is FANTASTIC! This is a GREAT replacement or alternative to a home stereo system! (And cheap!)UPDATE 3/8/2016: I’ve now been using this speaker for a little over a week. I’ve had to charge it once so far, with daily use of an hour to 5 or 6 hours at a time. Not bad, really. There is a meter on my iPod which shows me the batter life, however when it’s charging, you can’t tell that it’s connected or charging. Nothing flashes, the battery meter doesn’t turn green, nothing. I wasn’t sure for a while that it was even charging after I’d plugged it in. Luckily, it did, but it did take quite some time to charge. I’d say a half hour or longer, though I didn’t time it.Please rate my review if you find this to be helpful information!

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  13. 59

    by Trixie

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect little yet powerful wireless speaker!

    POWERFUL little speaker! I’m not an audiophile. I can’t tell you about bass, treble, and all that jazz. I can tell you it turns on and off quickly, is lightweight, takes up very little space, gets VERY loud and is a lot of fun for me! (And I hope it lasts awhile!)I took off one star because of the buttons we press. One, you have to press REALLY REALLY hard. Next, if you are trying to raise or lower the volume, the SAME buttons are used to advance or go back when listening to music. So it’s tricky. I was merely trying to increase the volume to YouTube music and kept advancing to next song. Urgh.AND I won’t take off stars, but DARN IT, why make it ONLY FOR RIGHT HANDED PPL??I’ve been listening for days, since I got it. I didn’t realize I pointed the speaker away from me! Since I saw the power button on one side, in our faces, and the volume/song selection controls on my left, I was fine. Today I realized, oops, I’ve been using it backwards.So now I have to TURN it around to access the buttons, then TURN IT around again for the speaker. Or not bother because it’s loud enough. BUT I must remember that so I don’t have it facing OUTSIDE my apt. I don’t want to bother my neighbors.I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I constantly make green blended drinks, cook rice and grains from scratch, hand wash and dry my dishes, etc so I’m in the kitchen a lot. Will be really great when I fold laundry on my bed or other tasks in my back rooms.I am also a BIG news addict. My phone cuts out when I listen to the news.I love music. REALLY love it. It’s my life. I am the most published early punk rock photographer on the west coast. I love Broadway and classical too.I carry this around walking from room to room. I hold it up to my ear if I want to hear something while my blender is going. Now I can do far more while listening to the news! Don’t have to wait for commercial break.Having this small footprint, lightweight speaker is a dream come true!WHY didn’t I do this years ago?I spent a lot of money for a long USB cord and speaker wires (bought 3 because I couldn’t buy just one) and a pair of so-so wired speakers I can’t even turn off. I didn’t realize I could use Bluetooth on my computer. I’m a computer wiz, and I missed that. Oh well … better late than never!

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  14. 59

    by Beckett Field

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Bang For Your $$$$!!

    Volume is my favorite characteristic of this little speaker, it really packs a nice punch, even with the volume maxxxed out, this thing still sounds clear as day, so you don’t loose any quality of sound, and you get to enjoy your music from anywhere you go! Just pop the speaker in the middle of the room, and rnjoy your favorite jams, no connectivity issues and no distortion issues!

  15. 59

    by Tyler Osborn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Long lasting battery. Good audio.

    I’ve had this speaker for 2 years now paid about 25 dollars for it. I use it in the shower, so the wear and tear is pretty decent still works pretty. A couple weeks ago I dropped it in the water while I was showering it was fully submerged in water for about a second and it still works, sounds a little worse, but it still works. The Dual-Pair mode works pretty well and is a neat feature. I’ll definitely be upgrading in the future.

  16. 59

    by Diego

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    one of the best

    The truth is that I have had it for about a year, I have had it at work and it has suffered falls, splashes of water every day, it has been on, I work in the kitchen and everyone uses it and it continues as if nothing, the truth is, highly recommended for its price. sound is fine for what it’s worth

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  17. 59

    by ak47ok47

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Going strong since JUNE 2018!!!!

    Got mine charging next to me right now. Great connectivity, great sound, battery still lasts over an hour, and is definitely robust!!! I have used this thing mostly at the beach, shark fishing, working outdoors, and as a computer speaker in a pinch. It has the rubber flaps that help prevent moisture getting in and I think that has been the main reason it has lasted so long. The metal mesh screen rusted and fell off last summer, and the screws that hold the speakers into the body have rusted, but this thing still jams!!!

  18. 59

    by chris byler

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bass heavy but durable

    Looks nice. Connects to iPhone quickly and easily. The rubber part can be separated from the speaker itself but it’s obvious it’s not meant be used like that. I use it every where, on the pit bike, grilling, working on vehicles and after I’m done I’ll just take it in the shower with me a shower it off. I’m not submerging it so I’m not sure how well it would hold up to that but so far shower hasn’t hurt it. Would have to give it a 4/5 on sound quality mostly because It’s bass heavy so if you’re wanting to use it for audiobooks I would look else where. Volume isn’t bad, cruising on a pit bike you can hear the music but get into the throttle music is drowned out. Won’t hear it over a angle grinder/weed eater/miter saw but drill etc you’ll hear it fine. It’s held up well, I haven’t babied it. Had to clean off grease/oil/Sheetrock/insulation and it still looks good. Metal has held up well to. The strap to connect it to stuff rarely gets used. I’ve strapped it to Molle once and pit bike handle but the carabiner is just so much easier/quicker and you can connect it to a lot more things. Haven’t really tested our battery life as I tend to charge it after I’ve been using it for a few hours.

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  19. 59

    by Amazon Customer Renee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Mind blowing this doesn’t rank higher in Bluetooth speaker category

    This little speaker is phenomenal! It sounds great, easy to use and connect to and when device is unconnected it will automatically shut-off. My heart is broken because I didn’t realize it was wrapped up in a pike of blankets that I tossed in the washer …. after about 5 mins totally submerged in water and being swished around, I realized what happened and I retrieved it …. it did turn on but impatience on seeing it if still worked sadly fried it, I’m afraid. I do think that if I would have completely dried it before turning it on, it stood a great chance at surviving…so I completely take the blame on it’s demise. I reordered another Bluetooth speaker and went with the #1 choice and I’m truly on the fence if I made a mistake. Too early to tell, I went with it because it had overnight delivery and I was leaving out of state rhe next morning. If your wanting to know if the Oontz Angle 3 is a good choice – I can tell you that it is. I was not disappointed even a little bit. It’s a great little speaker with grwat sound. 100% solid choice.

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  20. 59

    by Betsi GreenBetsi Green

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Sound and Value

    Wanted a small bluetooth speaker to put on my desk instead of using Sonos all the time. For $30 this thing is a steal. So easy to pair with my iPhone. Easy. Easy. Esay. Get ya one. b.

  21. 59

    by Jennifer Jeffrey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing little speaker

    I bought this because the sound system in my ancient Miata died. A replacement is several hundred dollars. I just connect it to my phone playlist. This fits perfectly in my cupholder and provides decent sound even with the top down. I bought a second one for the shower. I’m very pleased with the sound quality for the size. It’s about as big as a coke can.

  22. 59

    by Basil Fawlty

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best

    The Oontz Bluetooth speaker is by far the best system for it’s size & for the money. For fidelity, power, long battery life, low price, and bass response it is in a class by itself. This is the third one I have purchased in the previous 7 or 8 years. My kids steal them. 😬Cambridge Soundworks hit it out of the park again. Buy one and be confident you’ll be happy with the product.

  23. 59

    by sbansban

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Speakers for the Money – Replaced Defective Second Speaker Readily 9 Months After Purchase

    I bought my OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) in December of 2019 and it has been working great – via Bluetooth or a wired connection. It is surprisingly loud, the sound is very good, and I would say it is great value for money. So, I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up another one when I got it during a lightning deal / Thanksgiving sale in November of 2022. I didn’t have a specific use in mind for it, thought it would be a nice gift if I didn’t need it and never opened it until a few days ago in August 2023 – only to discover that it was defective – all I heard via Bluetooth or a wired connection, laptop, android or iOS was a tick-tick-tick-tick sound. But I thought hey, it’s less than a year since I bought it so it must be under manufacturer’s warranty even though there was no way I could return it to Amazon after nearly nine months. Well, I discovered – I believe – that the warranty was only for three months or so (forgot where I found this info – probably on their web site). In any case, I contacted their customer service and they readily agreed to replace the defective unit which I received within 3 days – all I had to do was give them my order number, a photo of the serial number of the unit, and an audio recording of the sound. Excellent company, terrific customer service – the kind that builds loyalty.

    5 people found this helpful

  24. 59

    by Kelly

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great speaker

    This is a great speaker! I originally purchased one about four years ago, but it recently stopped taking a charge (even tried a new cord). Unfortunately, it couldn’t be revived and after careful consideration of a replacement, I decided to stick to the same thing. It’s quiet when you turn it on (one of my other speakers makes an obnoxious sound and then connects) and a charge lasts all day. Downfall is that you can’t skip songs via the speaker, you have to go to your phone to do so.

  25. 59

    by RomanRoman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not impressed at all

    After reading and watching a ton of reviews and getting a promo price, I decided to order Oontz Angle 3 speaker. But honestly, it didn’t meet the expectations. Just okay.I like its compact size though and generally sleak look.Sound quality is mediocre though.

  26. 59

    by David HarrellDavid Harrell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Same page, updated product, now with USB-C

    Our house already had one of these from a long while ago, was on the fence about it because I thought it would have Micro USB like the one we already have, but the new ones are USB-C. I use mine to plug into my computer with AUX and take on the go with BT. Our old one has lasted a long time and still is working perfectly fine and I feel like this one will do the same.

  27. 59

    by Autumn B.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Bluetooth Speaker!

    I had wanted to pick one of these up for YEARS. We used to use it in the daycare I worked in to play lullabies for the kids during naptime, or white noise.I was so impressed with it, that I finally bought one for myself at home.It’s really simple to use, connects quickly, and the sound quality is great. You can use it horizontally, or stand it up on one end to use vertically.It’s sturdy, well made, and has always been a great experience.I’ve used this both indoors, and out and I’ve never had an issue – and it’s going on 5 years of using this both at work, and at home.This is a ridiculously great quality for the price point!

  28. 59

    by Eric R. Scott

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect Speaker w/ Mic for Working From Home!

    As a teleworker working from a home office that frequently listens to music in between meetings, I was on a hunt for a replacement speaker and mic combo after my previous speaker broke, and not wanting to return to a headset. My previous speaker was an Altec Lansing (AL), and worked great. However, when I went to replace it with a newer AL one, I ordered two different ones, and both of them would revert to a loud tone in the middle of my meetings regularly about 5 mins in. So I returned them both and started looking for my permanent replacement. I read reviews and even considered buying an actual meeting speakerphone speakers, which were much more pricier. Then I found the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ, and I couldn’t be more pleased for using it as my primary audio for working from home. It is an amazing value (less than $30), it is angled up towards your face so the directionality of sound and your voice to it for the mic is perfect, and the battery lasts all day. Furthermore, it is smaller and more portable than my old AL one which is great and the sound quality is amazingly surprising for its size and price. If you are looking for a quality speaker with a mic for working from home at an amazing price, I cannot recommend this one enough!

    One person found this helpful

  29. 59

    by Heather Woodley

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Bluetooth Speaker

    I was just looking at our little speaker today and decided I should write a review lol. We bought this speaker in May 2019, about 4 and a half years ago. It has been in regular use since then. It has been left outside overnight a few times and in the rain twice. It still sounds PERFECT, really excellent sound and volume for such a small speaker. The battery life is still amazing, it stays charged and usable for several days at a time, and we’ve never had any issues with connectivity. It’s the BEST bluetooth speaker we’ve ever bought, and if this one ever does poop out, we will definitely be buying another one exactly like it!

  30. 59

    by msbree

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My 2nd purchase

    Previously had this same speaker few years ago but didn’t connect after a couple of years. Decided to order another because the sound is great and easy to pair. Appreciate it being compact.

  31. 59

    by Doris Koine

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Hubby loves it!

    Was easy to connect to his phone apps. He sits on our porch and listens to music. His favorite toy.

  32. 59

    by Ralph L

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Might not be the common use!

    I have an aunt that is hearing and sight impaired, I got this for her to use when making phone calls. EXCELLENT! She was able to hold the speaker to her ear and speak into the built in mic and I can control the volume. This was the best she has heard in years. The price was very reasonable and the quality so far is top notch. I would definitely recommend this speaker.

    One person found this helpful

  33. 59

    by Larandol

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as described

    It connects to my phone easily and works as described. I use it in my office and it’s worth what I paid for it. I would buy it again if I needed one.

  34. 59

    by Scott Colantropo

    5.0 out of 5 stars



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  35. 59

    by Josh H.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    insanely good speaker in a tiny package

    this verified purchase is the SECOND one of these i’ve bought. this one is for my friend, because my current one, that is SEVERAL years old, is still working flawlessly.it’s about the size of a regular can of Mt Dew, not too heavy. i like to put mine in the upper zipper pouch of my back pack when i have to walk to the store or something. it’s extremely loud, especially considering its size. but the speakers do not distort, even at extreme volumes. the sound is sharp and crisp, and if you place it on a nice solid surface, like concrete or a good counter top, the bass response is clean and rich. it charges pretty quickly with a “micro” USB port, and the charge, at 100% volume for a speaking podcast, lasts for close to 8 hours. music with more bass may discharge it a little quicker, but for what i use it for, it lasts all day long.we were so impressed with this little speaker that we bought one of the newer upgraded versions for my wife in the kitchen (the blue “water” painted one). it seems to be right in line with this little fellah in quality and sound. Oontz didn’t make a one-hit-wonder, they just make some really good little speakers!

    One person found this helpful

  36. 59

    by Warren Rawlings

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as expected– which is a good thing

    This worked well. No problems

  37. 59

    by Erika

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Lasts for years

    I bought the small one 3 years ago and it’s going strong. The original cable that came with it recently stopped charging it well because it won’t latch on right.Recently ordered a larger one and it also has great quality and volume

  38. 59

    by Spencer Carver

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A great little waterproof speaker

    I placed this little speaker in the shower and it works quite well! Only one when the entire body was drenched did the sound get slightly muffled, but it kept playing and was back to full quality after the outside dried out.

  39. 59

    by Ryan J Belcher

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    OontZ CLIP Speaker

    I’ve had a really good experience with Cambridge Sound, they’re very customer service oriented. Within a week of getting my OontZ Clip speaker, the carabiner broke. I contacted customer service wanting them to send me a replacement carabiner or two. You know, throw a couple carabiners in an envelope and call it a day. Over the course of several emails within a 24 hr. period, they sent me an entirely new speaker. So let that be a lesson, kids: Register your product for the two-year warranty.The sound quality is very good. The bass is not over bearingly deep and mushy, but has enough mid-range to give Robert Sledge’s fuzz bass the attack definition it needs to stand out in the Ben Folds Five. And because the bass isn’t super mushy, it’s perfect for listening to spoken word, like the Action Boyz podcast. My one complaint would be that while listening to Herbie Hancock’s Thrust, Bennie Maupin’s sax was a tad on the brittle sounding side and overpowered the rest of the recording on the song “Butterfly.”Because the OontZ Clip speaker has a volume control separate from the device connected to it, remember to keep the volume on your device at about 80% for the best quality sound. Maxing out the volume on your device is going to lead to signal breakup when the speaker volume is turned all the way up. I work in a noisy truck all day, and the volume is capable being heard easily.I have yet to run into a situation where the battery has been drained.Great customer service, clear audio at reasonably loud volumes for the size of speaker, and no charging issues so far. OontZ Clip Speaker is a buy.

    One person found this helpful

  40. 59

    by Wilson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    La mejor

    Definitivamente la mejor por calidad y precio. Ya he comprado tres. Para mi casa, trabajo y regalo. Suena super alto, definicion y duradera.

  41. 59

    by Barry M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice sound

    Nice little speaker with good sound. Needed something with some bass but not too much. I use this for talk shows and it works well. Music sounds good too just don’t expect pounding bass. It’s adequate. Battery life and charge time good. Sturdy. Would buy again.

  42. 59

    by juan r.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good little speaker.

    Works amazing for the price. Didn’t expect the sound of a much larger speaker but it keeps me happy on a noisy shop floor

  43. 59

    by Bryan

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Big sound in a small speaker!

    Works very well for the size. Not going to fool you into thinking you’re listening to music at an outdoor music festival, but for such a small device it’s very good.Nice size, great battery life and easy to pair with your phone. Recommended. I would rate 5 stars but wish the bass were a little better. Sounds a little tinny. But still quite good.

    2 people found this helpful

  44. 59

    by John R.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great, terrific sounds and easy to use

    Use it in the house, outside and in the car ! Light weight

  45. 59

    by Guera

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great item to purchase … Great sound

    Like the fact we can carry our OontZ Speaker anywhere around the house inside or out and puts out Great Sound.Thank you for your product. We will enjoy.

  46. 59

    by AndradeAndrade

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    No more getting my phone wet

    Connects with my Alexa to play music in shower. Can skip songs or change right from shower no longer need to open door and get floor or phone wet. Sounds great and for the price who can beat it. Got 3 of them. One for each of the kids

  47. 59

    by This portable charger is AMAZING! It charges devices twice as fast as a regular charger. It’s the size of a cell phone and can charge both apple and android devices.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Compact powerful speaker

    Great compact speaker with loud enough capability. Easy Bluetooth connectivity. Down side, the power button blends in & difficult to see. Power button is black, as are the rest of the controls. Same color as speaker.

  48. 59

    by Drew Tunstall

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Solid speaker, great customer service experience

    I haven’t owned a lot of speakers but this one sounds very good for the price to me. More importantly, I received a replacement without any hassle when there was a defect with the battery. Oontz customer service experience was really good, they didn’t have any issue sending the replacing. Activating the 2 year warranty via text was easy.

  49. 59

    by Vicki D. Rock

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Speaker Easy to Set Up and Works Great!

    Very happy with this little speaker. It was easy to set up and sounds great. I’m enjoying it!

  50. 59

    by Tina Hughes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Would purchase again

    This blue tooth speaker makes my cell phone experience so much better!!!

  51. 59

    by Naee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound

    Great sound for the size. Easy to use. Beware when on the verge of dying the sound starts getting lower. Very small and convenient for other uses. Easy to connect to your phone. Very durable and fallen off my porch not dents or scratches.

  52. 59

    by Missy Reimann

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Small yet powerful

    I love this little guy! For its small size, this speaker packs a big punch. The charge seems to last forever, too. It connects quickly to my phone. I recommend it!

    One person found this helpful

  53. 59

    by Zephyr

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! Very pleasantly surprised! Minor disappointments.

    I have an old Oontz Angle that I bought god-only-knows-how-many-years-ago. Love the oldie. Took it everywhere. Used it with my tablet, my phone… everyplace. The poor old dear got dropped more times than I care to admit, but it kept on working like a charm. No decrease in performance at all. The old one was loud enough for me. I was happy as a clam at high tide. This speaker has been so great I thought I’d get another.Today the sexier new Angle3 model arrived and all I can say is Cambridge SoundWorks made the Angle3 even better. Much better sound quality and volume. Seems like they worked on the bass and something about the flow of the sound, if that makes any sense. Quite impressed! I might have to get another!Cons:-Port to plug it in is hidden under a rubber thingy. Looks sleek, but a pain in the butt to see and fiddle with.-The port is C which is different from all the other ports I have in the house, including the one used for the old model. So getting a longer cable or other cable for other rooms is going to be a nuisance and cost albeit probably minimal, and how is a half-blind old bat supposed to see the difference without an extensive search for where I left my readers.-People with less than stellar eyesight can’t see the controls as easily as the older model that had the symbols painted white against the black of the device.-When one has a “senior moment”, the old model had the directions right there on the bottom of the device. The new model requires the little booklet which is likely “God-only-knows-where”.-It’s made in China rather than the US. I’d pay more if made in USA to account for my fellow citizens having a job.That said, I’m sure I’ll get over it because the bottom line is that this is a very good quality item and it does what I wanted it to do.

    2 people found this helpful

  54. 59

    by Laura L.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Meets my every need

    I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks while I’m going about my business in my home and I couldn’t care less about how much bass and boom music has. That’s not why I use portable speakers, though they have been employed that way. I had some Jam Plus speakers that did great, but one finally died and the other is on its way. Time for a new speaker or set of speakers. I tried three other speakers before my sister recommended the Oontz Angle.These are the items I needed and that some or all of the other three speakers I tried failed at:*Must shut off after some minutes of no input, regardless if it’s still connected via Bluetooth*Must not drop the first sound of spoken words and making it impossible to understand a sentence.*Must not have a bright glowing light that interferes with sleep*Must be able to get LOUD*Must be able to get wet to some degreeThis speakers meets ALL OF THOSE NEEDS. Plus, such a small footprint for how loud and functional this is! Plus you can connect to a second one for dual speakers or stereo. I’ve ordered a second one to connect to this one to find out.Now I’ve only had this a day or two so of course, something could go wrong down the road, but for right now? FIVE STARS.

    One person found this helpful

  55. 59

    by Goalie mom

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    This is a nice size and easy to travel with. I wish it could get a little louder.

  56. 59

    by KMits

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound & prompt customer support

    This is the 3rd Oontz Angle 3 speaker I’ve purchased so far, for different uses. The sound is clear and crisp, and I love that it doubles as a mic for online meetings. This 3rd unit had issues with frequent static. I reached out to their Customer Support team, and by the next day, I received an email from a real person (not a link to FAQs). I was asked to upload a recording of the sound issue, and by the next day, I was emailed specific instructions to resolve the issue (bluetooth connectivity connection problem). I basically reset the unit, and voila, it now works perfectly. The only drawback is the charger cord is only 22″. But the battery life has been satisfactory so far. I would buy this again (for the 4th time).

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  57. 59

    by Inspiration

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Smaller than I thought

    The speaker is smaller than I expected and not as loud but sounds clear and good bass.

  58. 59

    by Janet AustinJanet Austin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great buy

    It’s compact but sounds Great use it in my car. So I don’t have to put a stereo in there Worth the money.

  59. 59

    by Mayra Pillajo

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    El Sonido es increíble y el seguro que tiene para conectar el cargador me ha salvado más de una vez que se me dañe con líquidos, la batería dura mucho tiempo.

  60. 59

    by MLA

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great little speaker

    Excellent at sound quality and loudness for my outdoor Halloween decoration window projector. Just run a 3.5mm audio cable from the projector into the speaker and you got quality sound. Battery last for many hours, think the instructions say up to 14 hours on a charge. I have two more of these with the last one bought back in 2018 and now 2023 for 3 total.

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